Would you like to be able to forget about your backup, have a copy in the cloud for a first very important data recovery operation, but keeping your file server on your premises, in a remotely monitored, guaranteed NAS, with the possibility of being able to access it and have your colleagues and collaborators access it remotely depending on the active directory settings? Too expensive? Too complicated? Not any more thanks to CBox. CBox offers an all-in-one, easy-to-use hybrid solution that allows combining data protection, collaboration and shared storage (cloud & local) in a single suite. This solution is mainly based on the combination of a local storage (NAS or iSCSI target) and one “in the cloud”.
Current data backup and storage solutions – like file servers or tape backup units – are costly methods subject to human error. The CBox disaster recovery and cloud attached storage solution works on two levels: on the one hand the storage and local backup at the customer’s, on the other the replication and synchronization of the data in the cloud, guaranteeing data protection and business continuity at all times. CBox’s “turnkey” technology includes simple tools for management and optimization of the data in the cloud as well as services including online backup, remote data access and centralized monitoring of storage appliances.