Virtual Farm

Imagine a world in which everything is managed as service, from computing power to business processes. A world where you only have to think about managing core applications, where infrastructure is a commodity to be used based on your requirements. Does a world like this really exist?
We manage entire IT infrastructures and data rooms on behalf of our customers, allowing them considerable reductions in management costs and, at the same time, offering excellent quality of services together with extremely stable computing environments. A Cloud service with a delightfully human interface, in which the actual calculation of the hardware components and of the Service Level Agreements is arranged, after careful analysis, by consultants with years of experience, and where a service manager accompanies the customer throughout the process of putting the services on line. This is Virtual Farm.

It is a Cloud hosting model with which a vCloud Director-based virtual infrastructure is placed at the customer’s disposal, complete with server, router, storage, hardware and software virtualisation. Customers maintain management of the operating system, of the middleware, of the runtime and of the applications; they access the resources offered by the provider through WAN and choose the CPU and storage configuration most suitable to run their applications. In addition to considerable advantages in terms of resource optimisation and rationalisation, end users can count on a high level of service flexibility and scalability, which can be quickly increased or decreased (for example, in terms of number and capacity of server clouds used) to allow them to deal with periods of increase or decrease in demand. In this way firms can have a very high level infrastructure paying a fee established beforehand, and at the same time relieve their IT teams of onerous management tasks, gaining precious time which they can dedicate to more productive activities.

Finally, an essential aspect is the predictability of the economic investment: after having technically evaluated with the customer the infrastructure to be used and activated, an all-inclusive monthly fee is established that is not susceptible to increases.