What we do

Our MISSION is to help our clients to focus on the key aspects of their business by managing their ICT, data and voice services. Through personal, attentive and punctual support we offer customised solutions, from single processes to whole infrastructures. Our VISION is to merge and manage ICT, data and voice services, across extensive and widespread data centres.

In20’s services are divided into 4 main areas: cloud, telco, outsourcing and system integration. We offer specific solutions in each of these areas which you can read more about by clicking on the appropriate icon.

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In each area, our approach draws on over 10 years of experience of system integration with a managed service provider approach: once an assessment of the expectations or of the client’s issues is agreed, we are able to provide technical solutions consisting of evolutionary assets (professional services) and management services.

The technical proposal states the desired objectives and SLA (Service Level Agreement), becoming for all practical purposes the contract that guides the NOC’s and/or SOC’s activities and that, together with the general conditions of the cloud and telco services, provides our clients with clarity and protection. Whether it’s a single service (networking, security, storage, databases…) or the entire outsourcing of ICT systems, we assume the responsibility of managing the services within the pre-agreed parameters.