Corporate IT Management

In the current competitive environment it is essential for firms and professionals to minimise waste as far as possible and concentrate on their core business. It is appropriate to reduce the ICT budget without giving up quality of services. This is only possible when you entrust the service, totally or partially, to a firm like Adelante which, in addition to having the appropriate expertise and infrastructures, already has such a volume of customers as to achieve economies of scale and economies of scope.

The outsourcing service can be adapted according to customer requirements. Just to provide a few examples, it is possible to:

  • externalise the entire ICT service or just part of it;
  • use only Cloud services, leave the infrastructures on the customer’s premises or identify hybrid modes;
  • manage and control, 24/7, the servers, the applications, the network and anything else necessary for the ICT requirements.
  • manage user workstations;
  • manage the first level or specialist help desk service;
  • support business processes even through application development.

Whatever the size or complexity of the firm, we are able to prepare a total or partial outsourcing project that reduces the ICT budget and establishes levels of service appropriate for our customers’ core business.