Our offer based on the twisted pair cable, which stands out from the others on the market due to the competitiveness of our prices and our customer support service, which envisages a service manager dedicated to the customer.


ADSL is an Internet connection technology characterised by its asymmetric bandwidth, with speed starting from 640 Kb/s in download and from 128kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s in upload, which passes through the twisted pair cable.


Our HDSL offer allows achieving speeds up to 8 Mb/s synchronous (i.e. both in download and in upload) with an always active connection, with a minimum guaranteed band starting from 256 Kbps and up to 4 Mbps. Unlike ADSL lines, this type of service travels on a dedicated twisted pair, i.e. on a line for each user, thus avoiding sharing the bandwidth of the ADSL twisted pair among several users. For this reason, the average speed is much closer to the maximum peak (nominal speed) than in the ADSL.