Virtual Switchboard

Discover the advantages of the virtual  switchboard! Our virtual switchboard is equipped with a client that, with just a simple click by you will give the technical support operators total remote control via Internet. The client used requires no change to the configuration of your router/firewall. The switchboard supports the incorporation of several extensions in a call group. For each group it is possible to set the ring strategy, the hold music and/or the courtesy message. It is also possible to provide for “transfer” strategies when specific events occur, and thus set up the queue to transfer a call to a mobile phone after a set number of wait seconds. Finally, our virtual switchboard, residing at the Adelante telephone exchange, offers the certainty of no longer missing any incoming call, because in case of interruptions in connectivity “of the last mile”, your calls will be redirected to the numbers (even mobile) that you indicate.

  • No hardware to manage
  • Reduced telephone system maintenance costs
  • No missed calls
  • Integration in a single switchboard of the branch offices
  • Unlimited simultaneous calls
  • Fax mail