With Hiperlan technology it is possible to replace or integrate traditional systems based on wired connections and to supply band power that is just as substantial and, above all, guaranteed under contract.

The Hiperlan system is a service providing Internet access via radio link which, in place of the Telecom Italia twisted pair, uses a device that one of our technicians comes to install and configure at your home, connected to our Hiperlan network. In this way we create a 100% proprietary connection without using the Telecom Italia network at all, thus guaranteeing quality of service and of fault reset that is much better than the services supplied via twisted pair like ADSL or HDSL. It is possible to request a free, not binding feasibility study to make sure that your firm or home is covered by the service.

  • Wireless Service
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • No installation
  • Dedicated Assistant
  • No Telecom