By Voice over IP (Voice through Internet protocol – acronym VoIP), we mean a technology that makes it possible to carry out a telephone conversation using an Internet connection. Our VoIP offer provides numerous advantages over telephony.

One of the advantages of this technology is that it makes it possible to use pre-existing network resources to maximum advantage, allowing a considerable reduction in costs in both the private and the corporate sphere, especially as regards inter-company communication and communication between different offices. Indeed, a corporate network can also be used for voice communications, making it possible to simplify installation and support and increasing the level of integration of offices located throughout the area, but connected through the network infrastructure. Using a broadband Internet connection (high transmission speed and always active), the private consumer can make and receive phone calls from PSTN landline phone, being able to count on very low rates, especially for international calls.

  • To have a lower cost per call, especially for long distances;
  • To have lower infrastructure costs: when an IP network is provided, no other infrastructure is required;
  • To have several phone numbers on one connection;
  • To save voice messages on your computer;
  • The implementation of future options will not require hardware replacement.